eCom in a Box is an all-in-one solution distributed by the bank that makes it easy for SMEs to establish and grow their e-commerce business, significantly increase productivity and optimize costs. A single connected platform for SMEs to onboard in minutes, get online in seconds, manage their business with ease and accept payments seamlessly. It connects banks to SMEs making use of the solution that enables their daily online trade to offer a new range of products and services

Benefits for Banks

Larger Customer Base

Access to the unserved and underserved SMEs segment

Data & Insights

With data and insights on trade, stock, cash and so much more banks can now create personalized products and services for SMEs

Value Added Services

Banks can now offer services far beyond traditional banking products, focused on segmenting a niche service to SMEs

Reduced Costs

Faster, seamless and cost-effective SMEs merchant onboarding process

Meet Anna,
the eCom in a box user

  • She is registered to platform in minutes, not days or weeks
  • She can accept payments online and using her phone
  • She can manage her business and employees on one single platform that’s simple and easy to use
  • She can publish her store and catalogue online in a matter of seconds to web and social media

Onboard in Minutes

Smartphone screens that show how to onboard
  1. She downloads the app and adds the basic details
  2. She takes a quick selfie with her cell phone
  3. She takes a picture of her id
  4. She is onboarded onto the platform

Get Online in Seconds

  • She publishes her store online, to her own unique URL in 30 seconds
  • Publishes her store to Instagram and Facebook
  • Shares her unique URL with her friends and customers on WhatsApp
  • She can now also manage her online orders and accept online payments
Smartphone screens that show how to get started

Manage Store

Smartphone screens that show how to manage a store
  • She manages her inventory and stock through the platform
  • Manages and runs her accounting and reporting on the platform, for daily, weekly, and yearly trade
  • Manages her suppliers and employees through the platform: invoicing, payments, and payroll
  • Manages delivery, customer book and orders

Publish on Marketplace

Verified Buyers & Sellers
  • She can publish and promote her products and store on the bank’s marketplace
  • She advertises to and engages new customers through social commerce and chat
  • She runs deals and fulfilment through the marketplace and platform.
Smartphone screens that show how to publish on a marketplace

Are you an acquirer who wants to implement and distribute the eCom in a Box solution?

Participate as an acquiring bank providing clearing and settlement, solution distributor, and market-facing entity to small business enterprises