• Visa Direct enables money movement to billions of endpoints worldwide through a single integration

Time for a better solution for your money movement

In today’s economy, “business as usual” just doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s why there’s Visa Direct1, a payment solution that can help businesses move money to billions of endpoints worldwide via card and account rails. With fast or real-time2 payment capabilities you can help move money when it’s needed most. That means merchants can access cash flow daily, consumers can receive payouts to bank accounts via the cards they know and trust, and families can receive money from loved ones on the other side of the world3. The businesses helping make these products and services possible can build a stronger relationship with their customers. It’s time for business as usual to get an upgrade.


Countries that can receive cross border payouts via card or account


Countries enabled for domestic card payouts


Supported transaction currencies for sending and receiving funds

Why Visa Direct for real-time payments2

Send and receive money efficiently, securely, and seamlessly to billions of endpoints globally with Visa Direct.

Help your clients deliver a better payment experience

Visa Direct helps enable safe, convenient, and fast funds availability globally.2

Risk and Compliance

Sending transactions to billions of endpoints around the world requires security at scale.

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