Visa Accelerator Program

Visa Accelerator Program Launch

Unlock your startup's potential and fast-track your success in the dynamic world of FinTech with the Visa Accelerator Program. This groundbreaking initiative connects Africa's brightest minds with experienced mentors, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled investment opportunities. 

Are you ready to disrupt the industry, revolutionize finance, and make an impact in the ecosystem?

Join us on this exciting 3-months journey to propel your startup towards unprecedented growth and recognition. It's time to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and forge a path to success in the vibrant FinTech landscape. 


Who Should Apply

If your team has already designed a minimum viable product related to the proposed areas, designed a minimum viable product related to the proposed challenges, or has a market-ready solution, you are the right fit for the program.


Seed to Series A startups with at least an MVP


Building a solution addressing one of our themes


Market tested solution that has gained traction


Existing operations in Africa or demonstrated commitment to expand in Africa

Program Timeline

Opportunity Areas

We are looking for the best and brightest companies to address the following themes. If you believe your company is building solutions in one or more of these areas, you are welcome to apply and join the Visa Accelerator Program.

Are you ready to digitize cash intensive P2P, B2C, B2B, G2C payments to create new commerce opportunities?

  • Cross-border remittances and funds disbursements  
  • Finance management platforms for B2B (e.g. payables, receivables, procurement, etc) 
  • Social commerce and the creator economy 
  • Government disbursements, collections, and payouts
  • Open banking and account-to-account solutions
  • Treasury-as-a-Service 
  • Mobile money flows and interoperability
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Desola Ososami, Orda


Desola Ososami

Head of Growth

The Visa Accelerator Program provided practical tips from each session that we were able to apply immediately.

The sessions with Visa gave us a better and more in depth understanding of payments infrastructure in Africa, while the sessions with Plug and Play mentors provided tips on GTM, LTV/CAC and revenue optimisation. In addition to this, a major added benefit was the opportunity to meet other FinTech founders which has opened the door for new partnerships for our business. We are looking forward to soaring in 2024 with all the tips and support we gained from the program last year.
Amin Ben Abderrahman, Konnect


Amin Ben Abderrahman

Founder and CEO

Participating in the Visa Accelerator Program has been nothing short of transformative for our PayTech startup operating in North Africa.

The program provided an invaluable platform for networking, mentorship, and collaboration, exposing us to industry-leading companies and connecting us with seasoned mentors. The exclusive access to Visa's infrastructure has proven instrumental in developing innovative solutions, propelling our vertical expansion as well as our commitment to revolutionizing the financial technology landscape in the region. This accelerator experience is a game-changer for our startup, pushing us to new heights and opening doors to a world of possibilities.
Siya Metane, OnLife


Siya Metane

Founder and CEO

The Visa Accelerator Program fast tracked my knowledge of the FinTech industry, gave me the conviction for the need of my product.

As an outlier in the FinTech environment with uncertainty I built a product from my biased and deep knowledge of the creative industry challenges. Visa Accelerator Program has been generous with providing us with incredible program managers from Plug and Play and mentors who have been constantly available to guide, encourage, educate, and drive.

Meet the Current Cohort

Meet Our Alumni


Cohort 1 on a tour of Visa’s Innovation Studio in Kenya, Nairobi
October 2023

Panel discussions on the Demo Day in Sankara Hotel, Kenya
February 2024

AWS session during Cohort 2 onboarding week in Marrakech, Morrocco
May 2024


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